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Mirae Industry Co., Ltd.
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Mirae Industry Co., Ltd.

Mirae Industry Co., Ltd.

Sewer Products

Grease Trap M-43 (D)

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Grease Trap M-43 (D)

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Tags: wastewater treatment, grease trap



 Brand Name

Grease Trap M-43

Feature 1
Air-intake-hole on the cover facilitates the flow and separation of running water.

Feature 2

Corrugated rubber packing for blocking stench is stated right below the air-intake-hole. This blocks the stench out from the cover.

Feature 3
Food waste is filtered by the food waste basket.

Feature 4
All the components are easy to assemble and detach for users to clean.

Feature 5
It has superior ability at blocking stench, as the composed gas is emitted with filtered water through the outlet.

Feature 6
Drainage problem with sediment is solved by sediment blocker near the outlet.

Feature 7
Inlet and outlet with corrugated rubber packing prevents leaking problem and help the builder to work in simple way.

Feature 8
As the material is reinforced plastic(recycled car bumper), the product is strong at impact and damages. Unlike stainless products, there is no corrosion and rusts. It can be used semi-permanently.

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